Professional Development

Master Classes - The YerazArt Master Class Program offers students the opportunity to work with highly skilled, internationally renowned masters to receive personalized guidance. Master Classes are one of the most effective tools for professional development.


International Competitions - YerazArt offers financial and administrative support to young musicians in Armenia allowing them the opportunity to participate in international competitions. International Competitions are an invaluable tool for building a resume and providing exposure to a wide range of industry professionals.


Professional Networking - Through YerazArt’s Advisory Board and Staff, young Armenian musicians have access to an extensive support network of music professionals and academia, in Armenia and abroad. This network provides students with mentoring, career counseling, and admission opportunities to the best music schools worldwide.


Instrument Donation Program (IDP)

To address the scarcity of resources and instruments, and the near extinction of some musical disciplines, YerazArt donates instruments to select musical institutions and students, both in Yerevan and in remote areas throughout the country.



YerazArt’s need-based scholarships provide financial aid to talented students seeking a higher musical education in Armenia. YerazArt also offers a limited number of scholarships to enable exceptional students to audition at renowned conservatories abroad.



YerazArt offers talented young musicians the opportunity to travel and perform in the United States, allowing them to engage with a diverse audience of music enthusiasts and to connect with music professionals in the States.